AMS/SMT San Antonio 2018

Please note that the deadline for submitting proposals has passed.

Joint Sessions: Submit your Proposal

The Program Committees of the two societies invite proposals for joint sessions, bringing together participants from both societies. Joint sessions may address any topic (including the three suggested in the Call for Papers), and take may the form of a paper panel or an alternative format session. Guidelines for both are found below.

Joint Session Paper Panel. Such sessions will represent both disciplines and feature multiple approaches, methodologies, or framing discourses. Joint session proposals will be considered as a unit by the program committees of the AMS and the SMT, and will be programmed only if accepted by both committees. Proposals must include a session rationale and abstracts for each paper on the session. The rationale must identify the number of participants from each society. Paper abstracts included in a joint session proposal are components of the session proposal as a whole and will not be considered for individual presentation. All proposals will be evaluated anonymously and should contain no direct or indirect signal of authorship. Maximum length: 350 words for the rationale and 350 words for each constituent paper’s abstract.

Papers will be allocated thirty minutes each, with twenty minutes for the paper and ten minutes for discussion. Proposals may be for sessions of ninety minutes (three papers), two hours (four papers), or three hours (six papers). Two- or three-hour sessions may involve a respondent. 

Please note that AMS-SMT Joint Paper Panels may be scheduled during evening sessions, starting at 8:00 p.m.

Alternative-Format Joint sessions are also encouraged. Participants in alternative-format sessions might discuss an important publication, a controversial issue, or combine performance and scholarship. The session might also include “flipped” papers, “lightning talks,” and the like. Proposals for alternative-format joint sessions should outline the intellectual content of the session, the participants and their society affiliations, and the structure of the session. As with the joint session paper panels, alternative-format joint sessions should represent both disciplines. Proposals will be considered as a unit by the two program committees and will be programmed only if accepted by both committees. Proposals may be for sessions of ninety minutes, two hours, or three hours. Maximum length for proposal: 1000 words.

Please note that joint AMS-SMT Alternative-Format Joint Sessions may be scheduled during evening sessions, starting at 8:00 p.m.

Proposals for Joint Paper Panels and Joint Alternative-Format sessions must be submitted via this web site.

EXTENDED Deadline: joint session proposals must be fully uploaded by 11 a.m. EST, 17 January 2018.

The joint session organizer should act as point of contact for all communications regarding the joint session proposal submission.

The organizer should register and upload a document (MS Word or PDF) that contains the rationale and abstracts for each paper.

Document formatting guidelines:

See here for a formatted sample. Send questions to Bob Judd,


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