AMS Rochester 2017
Mobile Device App Advertising

The AMS Rochester 2017 Annual Meeting will utilize a mobile app for devices (tablet/smartphone). Advertising in this medium allows users to immediately access additional information, fill out a contact form, follow a map to a booth, make a purchase, etc. Advertisers can easily monitor usage and track user interaction with the ad.

Two types of Mobile Device app advertising are available:

Deadlines: Insertion orders for the mobile app are due 23 September, 2017. Ad artwork (images, URLs, etc.) for the mobile app due 1 October, 2017

Main Page Icon — a permanent icon on the app's main menu that can link to a list of products, offers, booth information, and more. Clicking on the main page icon leads users to a page within the app that contains as many (or as few) links to web pages as you wish. Please include your corporate logo (size 180 x 180 pixels), short description, and one or more website URLs / links.

Banner ad — an interactive banner located at the bottom of the main menu screen that cycles among advertisers. The ad displays for five seconds each time it is called. Please provide a banner image (size 600 x 110 pixels) and URL.

Questions? Please contact Katie VanDerMeer with your questions.

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