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Exhibitor Booth Reservation Form

Information from this form will be used for your program book listing, to complete your reservation, and to communicate with you regarding booth assignment and payment. If you have any questions, please contact Katie VanDerMeer.

NEW for 2017! Exhibit and Advertisement Combo Packages:
Standard Package: Includes one 10x10 Standard Booth, one full-page ad in the Program & Abstracts Book, and a Banner Ad on our Rochester 2017 mobile app.

Premium Package: Includes one 10x10 Premium Booth, one full-page ad in the Program & Abstracts Book, and a Banner Ad on our Rochester 2017 mobile app.

Exhibitor information for program book listing
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Exhibit Booths & Combo Packages
Booth-only options   One booth: $420
 Two booths: $750
 Three booths: $1100
 Premium booths: $80 additional per booth (100, 102, 103, 104, 109, 113, 202, 203, 208, 209, 212, 213, 302, 308, 312)
Exhibit/Ad Combo Package options  Standard Package: $750
 Premium Package: $835
Booth Requests: Please select quantity and type of booth and/or package you would prefer
Standard Booths: 
Premium Booths: 
Combo Packages: 
Preferred location(s): An exhibit map is available here. Please indicate below your preferred locations for your booth by referencing the booth numbers from the map.
Example: [if requesting 1 booth] First Choice: 303    Second Choice: 304
[if requesting 3 booths] First Choice: 101, 102, 103    Second Choice: 201, 202, 203


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Attendee Names:  If you know who will be staffing your booth, please enter their names here. Name changes and updates may be sent to Katie VanDerMeer at any time.
Contact information (for communication regarding your order)
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You will have the opportunity to review the information and, if necessary, return to this form for changes.

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