AMS Rochester 2017 CFP: FAQ

The Call For Papers page offers carefully-prepared guidelines for proposal submission. Further questions will be answered at this web page as they arise. If you have a question that is not addressed here yet, please send it to

  1. I'm submitting a Formal Session proposal. Where do I include the names of session chair and participants?

    Please include the name of your proposed session chair as the last line of the Rationale, e.g. "We propose _______ as session chair." Names of participants are collected in the online form when one submits each proposal. Please do not include participant names in the body of the rationale text; the proposal read by the committee should be anonymous.

  2. I'm having trouble logging in -- help!

    Are you an AMS member? If so: have you established your AMS web site account? If you have an AMS username and password, log in and proceed if you can't remember your username and/or password, there are hint facilities at the login page.

    If you are a member but do not have an AMS web site account, get your AMS account number from the AMS office and register for the site and proceed.

    If you are not an AMS member, sign up to submit a proposal at the Rochester Conference Proposal Start Page (available mid-December).

  3. May I submit a proposal even if I am not a member?


  4. The CFP says the deadline of 17 Jan. is for "receipt of materials." Does this mean postmark, or in AMS hands?

    This means in AMS hands. We must have materials in hand at the AMS office by 5 p.m. EST 17 January.

  5. If I was the organizer of an Evening Panel in 2016, am I correct to think that I would not be permitted to submit an individual proposal in 2017, but if I were just to contribute to the discussion in 2016, I would be permitted to submit an individual proposal in 2017?

    Yes, this is a correct reading of the guidelines.

  6. I am worried that my electronic proposal will be garbled. Should I submit both paper and electronic proposals?

    No. It merely creates clerical confusion. You will receive an email receipt after submitting your proposal, assuring that it is in hand. If there is any question regarding your submission the office will communicate with you.

  7. I prefer email: can I just email a document to you?

    No. Emailed proposal submissions will not be considered.

  8. Can I submit a paper proposal and be named in more than one additional (evening panel, alternative format) proposal?

    No. Submit proposals only for those things that are permitted should everything submitted be approved. Since a maximum of two appearances per person are permitted, your name may be submitted on a maximum of two proposals.

  9. Are proposals read anonymously (i.e., with the names of participants hidden from the committee)?

    Mostly. Evening Panels and Alternative Format proposals are read openly, and all the names of participants are given to readers (and should be included in the proposal). But papers and formal sessions are read anonymously until the final stages of the committee's work.

  10. My proposal has more than one author; how do I indicate that in the online system?

    Those submitting individual proposals and poster proposals may add additional author(s). See the submission form: enter names at the "Additional author(s)" field located in the "Your Information" box.

  11. May I submit two paper proposals if they are on entirely different subjects?

    No. Nor may you submit a paper proposal and poster presentation/evening panel/alternative format session proposal. One proposal per person is permitted.

  12. I participated in an Alternative Format session in 2016. Can I also submit an individual presentation proposal or participate in a panel in 2017?

    Yes. Only organizers of sessions are restricted. Organizers of sessions in 2016 may not submit individual presentation proposals (but they may participate in panels).

  13. I'm organizing a Study Group proposal. How do I submit this for Program Committee consideration?

    This would apply only if you wish to hold a daytime session (Alternative Format or Formal Session). Submit as you would any AF or FS. Identify the study group sponsorship in the text of the proposal.

  14. When submitting an Evening Panel or Alternative Format proposal: does the word limit include the proposal title? The participant names?

    The word limit includes the participant names, but not the proposal title.

  15. I am concerned about the word count. Should I email a copy, just in case?

    No. If there is a problem with your submission's length, we will contact you.

  16. How do I show italics?

    Use the underscore character: _this is interpreted as italics._

  17. What do the squiggly red lines in the text entry box signify?

    This is not shown in all browsers; some have spell checkers that use this indication to ask readers if there is a spelling error.

Question not answered? Send it and it will be added it to this list!

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