Download the AMS Rochester App


Or, search for the app in the App store / Play store. Its name is "AMS Rochester 2017." (iPad users: this is "an iPhone app.")

To note upon first use


The app opens to a screen like at left. Sign-up is optional, not required. Those who sign up can message others who have signed in to the app and do other things, but otherwise the app is fully available to all.

The three parallel lines (top left) form the navigation icon and appear on all screens. Use this for all the features of the app. Touch the navigation icon and you see the top of the main menu, which scrolls down further as you swipe the screen:


The "About" section has some information and instructions for use.

The "Schedule" contains the core components of the meeting.





Navigate by choosing the day (top) and scrolling up/down. (There are scores of events each day.) The star (bottom right) is the "Favorite" button that allows you to create a custom schedule for the meeting.


The info below is also found on the "Using the app" page of the app itself.

Welcome to the AMS Rochester App! Here are a few tips to help navigate.

  • Use the top left icon (three parallel lines) for navigation among the app sections. You'll see: Activity Stream, People, Favorites & Notes, About, Schedule, Sponsors, Exhibitors, Speakers, Maps of Venues, Rochester Map, Special, Twitter, and WebView.
  • The app opens to the Activity Stream. This is a user-generated real-time feed. The core of the app is the Schedule. 
  • People: a list of people who have signed in to the app for an account (signing in is optional)
  • Favorites & Notes: app users can choose their "favorites" and write themselves notes.
  • Schedule (the clock icon): Each day has a separate tab. Select the day, then scroll through events. Session listings are keyed with a letter (T for Thursday, F for Friday, Sa for Saturday, Su for Sunday) and chronological number/letter appended. T1 would be the session overview for the first Thursday session, and T1a would be the first paper in the session.
  • Many schedule items have an attached MS Word file containing abstract (as found in the printed book). It may be necessary to install a reader on your device in order to see this text.
  • Filter (the funnel icon, top right): Allows you to filter by topic to narrow your results.
  • Use the Favorites & Notes tab to see the schedule items you've "starred" in the schedule. It is also easy to set a reminder.
  • Track: Many events at the meeting are organized by "Track" and every session has a "Track name. Use the filter icon (funnel, top right) to narrow results and browse the tracks easily. Every session receives a "Track" name.
  • Use the Keyword Search (magnifying glass icon, top right, next to filter) to find keywords mentioned in the app.
  • You can post comments to the activity stream if you like. The game-like interface awards points for comments.
  • Most other menu items are self-explanatory. The Special tab lists a few of the more special events taking place at the meeting. 









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