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One of the premier journals in the field, the Journal of the American Musicological Society (JAMS) publishes scholarship from all fields of musical inquiry: from historical musicology, critical theory, music analysis, iconography and organology, to performance practice, aesthetics and hermeneutics, ethnomusicology, gender and sexuality, popular music and cultural studies. JAMS is recognized for the breadth of its intellectual scope and its penetration in the field--nearly 5,000 subscribers rely on JAMS to inform their scholarship. Each issue includes articles, book reviews, and communications.

Three issues are published annually (see publication schedule) and sent to AMS members. Back Issues of JAMS are also available for purchase (see Order AMS Publications). Institutions and agencies wishing to subscribe, please visit the University of California Press for information.

Joy H. Calico, incoming Editor-in-Chief

Michael J. Puri, incoming Review Editor

Debra Lacoste, incoming
Digital and Multimedia Editor

Laura Davey, Managing Editor

Adam Crandell, John Gabriel, William O'Hara
Editorial Assistants

Editorial Board

Arved Ashby
Steven Baur
Patrick Burke
Joy H. Calico
Daniel Chua
Gundula Kreuzer
Susan Lewis
Ralph P. Locke
Honey Meconi
Daniel R. Melamed
Craig A. Monson
Margaret Murata
Judith Peraino
Susan Rankin
Leonora Saavedra
Steve Swayne

Current status of JAMS mailings

  • JAMS 69 (2016) no. 2, August 2016 (projected)
  • JAMS 69 (2016) no. 1, April 2016
  • JAMS 68 (2015) no. 3, 18 December 2015

Delivery time is normally about three weeks for the US, Canada, and overseas.

Issue Replacement Policy

Individual Members: The AMS strives to replace all issues that have gone astray or have been damaged in the post whenever possible. Requests for replacement of missing or damaged issues should be communicated to the AMS within ninety days of the mailing date (180 days for overseas members). We cannot guarantee that requests received after this time will be fulfilled. Please contact the AMS staff to report a missing or damaged issue.

Institutional Subscribers and Agencies: Follow this link for claims instructions.

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