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Lenore Coral (1939–2005) was librarian of the Sidney Cox Library of Music and Dance and adjunct professor of music at Cornell University. A native of Detroit, she received a B.A. in music (1961) and an M.A. in library science (1965) from the University of Chicago. She continued at King's College, London, on a Fulbright Fellowship (1965–67). A student of
Thurston Dart, she earned an M.M. in 1966 and a Ph.D. in Music History in 1974 with a dissertation on British auction and sale catalogues. She served as fine arts librarian at the University of California, Irvine (1967–72), and as the first full-time music librarian at the University of Wisconsin, Madison (1972–82). She went to Cornell in 1982.

Coral was an active member of the AMS at both the national and chapter levels. She served on the AMS Council (1975–77, 1982–84), on the AMS 50 Fellowship Committee (1984–89), and as a director-at-large (2001–03).

In 1984 she founded and became director of the U.S. RILM Office at Cornell. She held major offices in the Music Library Association (president, 1987–89) and the International Association of Music Libraries (vice president, 1991–97). Her achievements were recognized
with many awards and citations, including the MLA's citation for "distinguished service to music librarianship" in 1991, the youngest person ever to receive that award.

The Lenore Coral / RILM Fund was established in 2005.

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