Journal of Music History Pedagogy

The Journal of Music History Pedagogy is a bi-annual, peer-reviewed, open-access, on-line journal dedicated to the publication of original articles and reviews related to teaching music history of all levels (undergraduate, graduate, or general studies) and disciplines (western, non-western, concert and popular musics). The JMHP holds no single viewpoint on what constitutes good teaching and endorses all types of scholarship on music history pedagogy that are well-researched, objective, and challenging. The JMHP is a publication of the Pedagogy Study Group of the American Musicological Society; it is indexed in RILM and DOAJ.

Vol 5, No 1: (Fall 2014)

Table of Contents


Roleplaying Music History: Honing General Education Skills via "Reacting to the Past" PDF
Kevin R. Burke 1–21

Reports and Practices

Playing by Ear: Listening Games in the Music History Classroom PDF
Laurie McManus 23–39
Avoiding the “Culture Vulture” Paradigm: Constructing an Ethical Hip-hop Curriculum PDF
Felicia M. Miyakawa, Richard Mook 41–58
A Bibliography of Music History Pedagogy PDF
Scott Dirkse 59–97


Introduction: Towards a Critical Pedagogy for Undergraduate Popular Music History Courses in the Twenty-First Century PDF
David K. Blake 99–102
Between a Rock and a Popular Music Survey Course: Technological Frames and Historical Narratives in Rock Music PDF
David K. Blake 103–15
Hip Hop History in the Age of Colorblindness PDF
Loren Kajikawa 117–23
Topologies: The Popular Music Survey Course and the Posthumanities PDF
Justin D Burton 125–33
Rock Narratives and Teaching Popular Music: Audiences and Critical Issues PDF
Andrew Flory 135–42
Beyond the Narrative: Considering the Larger Pedagogical Toolbox for the Popular Music Survey PDF
Joanna Love 143–51

Conference Report

Conference Report: Musicians and Musicologists as Teachers: How to Construct Musical Comprehension for Students (Bologna, May 29–30, 2014) PDF
Nicola Badolato, Giuseppina La Face 153–56
Keynote Address: Musicology and Music Pedagogy: An Unnatural Divorce (Bologna, May 29–30, 2014) PDF
Giuseppina La Face 157–63


John Edward Hasse and Tad Lathrop, Discover Jazz and Thomas E. Larson, History and Tradition of Jazz PDF
John Behling 165–70
James Davis, The Music History Classroom PDF
Pamela F. Starr 171–74
Carolyn Abbate and Roger Parker, A History of Opera PDF
Brian J. Hart 175–80
Richard Freedman, Music in the Renaissance PDF
Jennifer S. Thomas 181–85

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