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Materials here are identified and ordered by session number. Refer to the Program for full schedule and location details. Posting date (in parentheses) follows.

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Session 1-35:
Buff, "Johannes Ciconia" (10/29/2012)
Hallmark, "Johannes Ciconia of Padua" (11/13/2012)

Session 1-36: Goodman "The Limits of Cultural Sovereignty" (11/19/2012)

Session 1-42: Harris, "Arcadelt's Bemban Legacy" (10/30/2012)

Session 2-16: Orlov, "Prokofiev's Surprise" (10/29/2012)

Session 2-21: Colton, "Negotiating Identity" (10/23/2012)
Earp, "The Beginnings of the Motet" (10/25/2012)

Session 2-23: Baranello, "Never Ask" (10/29/2012)

Session 2-26: Sutton, "The Candombe Drumming of Uruguay"

Session 2-35: Craft, "You Can't Deny" (10/29/2012) email for password

Session 2-36: Hutchings, "What's So New" (10/30/2012) email for password

Session 2-39: Locke, "Five New Early Songs of Debussy" (11/13/2012)

Session 2-42: Jenkins, "Che sconsolata sei" (10/29/2012)

Session 2-44: Weber, "Theatrical Canon" (10/25/2012)

Session 2-45: Grabarchuk, "Semiotic Pandemonium" (10/29/2012)

Session 2-46: Rogers, "Trumpetiste Clora ryant" (10/29/2012)

Session 2-56: "Music and War" panel (10/29/2012)

Session 3-9: Arthurs, "Revisiting Thematic Improvisation" (10/29/2012)

Session 3-16: Ancillary article by Georgina Born (10/18/2012) (reproduced by permission from the publisher)

Session 3-19: Howe and Gurt, "Paul Wittgenstein's Performance Practice" (11/13/2012)

Session 3-21: Randel, "Listening to Schumann" (10/25/2012)

Session 3-23: Ziegel, "'Gloria in Excelsis' America" (10/25/2012)

Session 3-25: Johnson, "Porque trobar" (10/29/2012)

Session 3-53: Trowbridge, "From Berio to Bernstein" (10/29/2012)

Session 3-41: Busman, "Chris Tomlin, 'God of this City'" (11/13/2012)

Session 3-58: Benitez, "Illuminations of the Beyond" (10/29/2012) email for password

Session 4-15: Maiello, "Politics, Power" (10/25/2012)

Session 4-19: St. Pierre, "Revolutionizing Czechness" (11/13/2012)

Session 4-20: Simeone, "André Coeuroy" (10/25/2012)

Session 4-21: Pineda, "A New World Order" (10/29/2012)

Session 4-23: Transcription and Proto‑Ethnography in the Eighteenth Century
Glenda Goodman (11/19/2012)
David R.M. Irving (11/19/2012)
Adeline Mueller (11/19/2012)
Jed Wentz (11/19/2012)

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