AMS/SMT Milwaukee 2014: Post-conference survey

Detailed results

Following the 2014 Annual Meeting, attendees received a short two-question survey. Responses were automatically limited to no more than thirty words. About 530 attendees (25% of those who received the survey request) responded. A summary of the most frequently encountered responses is given below.

The full array of responses (classified according to topic) is available via an Excel spreadsheet.

We are grateful to those who responded; the Committee on the Annual Meeting and the Board of Directors will take the comments into careful consideration as they plan future Annual Meetings.

AMS/SMT Milwaukee Post-Conference Survey: Most Frequent Responses

1. What is the one thing you liked the most about the conference?

The scholarly papers/sessions (133)

Networking with old friends (124)

The diversity of the meeting (76)

The location of the meeting (72)

Meeting logistics (22)

Meeting jointly with the SMT (20)

Margot Fassler's or Lydia Goehr's plenary lecture (13)

The AMS dance (11)

The concerts associated with the meeting (6)

Milwaukee restaurants (6)

2. What is the one thing about the conference that you'd change if you could?

The venue: two facilities, too spread out (148)

Have fewer events: too busy (49)

Improve meeting logistics (37)

Hold fewer evening sessions (36)

Improve the program topics (36)

Improve the restaurants and food services (25)

Improve the room assignments: overcrowded sessions (24)

Reduce the cost (14)

Change the paper or session length (14)

Nothing: satisfied with the meeting (14)

The location: Milwaukee was not desirable (13)

The weather was not pleasant (12)

The meeting rooms were too cold (11)

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