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AMS/SMT Indianapolis 2010
Restaurant Information

Local Arrangements Chair James Briscoe (Butler University) kindly compiled this list.  Top choices are marked with **. Reservations must be made at better restaurants as early as possible. For additional information, please visit individual restaurant web sites.

Area code 317 applies for all telephone numbers.


Dining at the Marriott

Circle City Bar and Grill
Circle City Bar and Grille
  Open breakfast, lunch and dinner. Chic atmosphere, eclectic appetizers and savory dishes. $$$ menu

Champions Sports Bar & Grill  Lunch and dinner. Sports-themed restaurant and bar. Bar fare and causal food. $$ menu

Dining at the Westin

Shula's Steak House Shula’s Steak House  Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Premium Black Angus Beef, fresh seafood, poultry, lamb, and 4-pound Maine lobster. $$$ menu

No Name Lounge  Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Contemporary American cuisine, sports bar. $$ menu

Au Bon Pain ** Au Bon Pain, 26 Monument Cir. in the Guaranty Building, 226-9300. Very good pastries, coffee, and for lunch soup and salads. $ menu

** Panera Bread, ** 110 W Washington St., 822-8385. On the corner of Washington and S. Illinois in the Embassy Suites complex. $ menu

Steak n Shake Steak n Shake, 101 W. Maryland St., 634-8703. Good for the eggs-'n'-bacon crowd, but has waffles too. Good hamburgers, fries, shakes, etc. $ menu

South Bend Chocolate Company South Bend Chocolate Company, On the Circle, 951-4816. The best of Indiana local chocolates, or if brisk a wonderful hot chocolate. $

Le Peep Le Peep, 301 N. Illinois St., 237-3447. Exceptional breakfast food worth the hike. Much appreciated for its skillet breakfasts or lunches. $$ menu


120 West “120 West”, 120 West Market St., 972-0600. Very good. At the Hilton next to McCormick & Schmick’s and half the price. $-$$

Alcatraz Brewing Co.

** Alcatraz Brewing Co., Circle Centre, 49 W. Maryland St., 488-1230. A good pub lunch or moderately-priced dinner. A native’s favorite. $-$$ menu

Bistro Tchopstix Bistro Tchopstix, 251 N. Illinois St., 636-9000. Japanese, or try a Korean barbecue “lunchbox,” full meal deal, or tempura. A native’s favorite. $$

Buca di Beppo

Buca di Beppo, 35 North Illinois St., 632-2822. Small plates serve up to three and large plates serve six. “Beppo always pleases.” $$ menu

Buffalo Wild Wings, 11 S. Meridian St. 951-9464. $ menu

Enzo Pizza

Enzo Pizza, 149 N. Illinois St., 634-1134. Pizza by the giant slice for a good, quick lunch near the meeting. $ menu

Giorgio’s Pizza

Giorgio’s Pizza, 9 E. Market St., 687-9869. Even more delicious slice than Enzo, if somewhat farther afield. $ menu

Hotbox Pizza, 30 E. Georgia St., 656-6000. $ menu

King David Dogs

** King David Dogs, 15 N. Pennsylvania St. "We answer to a higher power." But in concrete terms, the best hot dog in Indy. $ menu

Noodles & Company

Noodles & Company, 121 West Maryland St., 638-1300. Noodles every way from Asian Pad Thai to Wisc. Mac and Cheese; good bet and fast service. $ menu

Qdoba Mexican Grill, 9 N. Meridian St., 822-0386. Redeemed by freshness, proximity, and price. $ menu

Ram Restaurant & Big Horn Brewery

** Ram Restaurant & Big Horn Brewery, 140 S. Illinois St., 955-990. Very good, post-concert desserts and appetizers for the Symphony crowd. $-$$ menu

Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery

Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery, 10 W. Washington St., 681-8180. A good pub lunch or moderately-priced dinner. $-$$ menu

Subway, 68 W New York St., 237-2333. $

TaTa Cuban Cafe

** TaTa Cuban Cafe, 137 W Market St. 686-0855. Excellent quality and Cuban friends find it a nostalgic delight. Tasty, inexpensive food. $ menu

Weber Grill

Weber Grill, 10 N. Illinois St., 636-7600. Specializing in wood-oven pizzas. Indianapolis instantiation of the Chicago landmark. $-$$ menu


Eagle’s Nest

Eagle’s Nest, in the Hyatt Regency, 1 S. Capitol, 317/616-6170. Revolving restaurant. $$-$$$ menu

Harry & Izzy’s

Harry & Izzy’s, Circle Centre Mall, 317/635-9594. A highly successful retro knock-off. Outstanding ambiance and food. $$-$$$ menu

McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurant

McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurant, 110 N. Illinois St., 317/631-9500. Fresh ingredients imaginatively prepared. $$-$$$ menu

Mikado Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar

** Mikado Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar, 148 S. Illinois St., 317/972-4180. Beautifully crafted super-fresh cuisine, the best of its sort. $$-$$$ menu

Oceanaire Seafood Room

** Oceanaire Seafood Room, 30 S. Meridian St., 317/955-2277. Exquisitely fresh seafood beautifully prepared and served. One native’s top choice for best restaurant in Indianapolis. $$-$$$ menu


** Palomino, 49 W. Maryland St., 317/974-0400. Eclectic and very satisfying. $$-$$$ menu

P.F. Chang’s China Bistro

P.F. Chang’s China Bistro, Circle Centre Mall, 49 Maryland St., 317/974-5747. A fine restaurant for those with a taste for Chinese. $$-$$$ menu

Ruth’s Chris Steak House, 45 S. Illinois St., 317/633-1313. Great Steaks served in a warm, comfortable atmosphere. $$-$$$ menu

St. Elmo Steak House

** St. Elmo Steak House, 127 S. Illinois St., 317/635-0636. A landmark in downtown Indianapolis since 1902, and the finest steakhouse in Indianapolis, but get the sauce on the side for the splendid shrimp cocktail. $$-$$$ menu


Tastings in the Conrad Indianapolis Hotel, 50 W. Washington St., 317/423-2400. One tastes the wine before buying. Entrees are designed to complement the wine $$-$$$


Bosphorus Istanbul Cafe

Bosphorus Istanbul Cafe, 935 S. East St., 317/974-1770. Reasonable and delicious, makes you think you’re in the shadow of Hagia Sofia. $$ menu

Slippery Noodle Inn

Slippery Noodle Inn, 372 S. Meridian St., 317/631-6974. A cab ride away, but worth it to hear good blues music in an authentic Blues Joint. $$ menu

Sahm’s Tavern and Sahm’s Café, 433 N. Capitol Ave., 317/822-9903. Excellent pub food, soups, salads, and specials like chicken and fruit plates. $$ menu


Fogo de Chao

** Fogo de Chao, the Brazilian high-end chain restaurant, 117 E. Washington St., 317/638-4000. Reservations required. HANDS DOWN the best fine dining for 20 bucks near the meeting. A native’s super-favorite. $$-$$$ menu

Mo’s, A Place for Steaks

Mo’s, A Place for Steaks, 47 S. Pennsylvania St., 317/624-0720. As with most of the steak houses—reservations are required. $$-$$$ menu

Morton’s, The Steakhouse

Morton’s, The Steakhouse, 41 E. Washington St., 317/229-4700. A classic dining experience. $$-$$$ menu

** Old Spaghetti Factory, 210 S. Meridian St., 317/635-6325. An Indy favorite. No reservations but try to arrive early. $$-$$$ menu


Canal Café & Terrace

Canal Café & Terrace in the Indiana State Museum and Imax Theatre, 650 W. Washington St., 317/232-1637, Family-friendly eating cafeteria style. WiFi. $$


Zing, 543 Indiana Ave., 317/636-7775, Small plates for sharing--choose 4, serves 2, $10 per person. Americana food well prepared, if a bit spicy. $-$$$ menu


Bourbon Street Distillery

Bourbon Street Distillery, 361 Indiana Ave., 317/636-3316. Great burgers, coleslaw, chicken sandwiches. Lunch or Dinner. $$-$$$

Euphoria and Creation Café in Bugg’s Temple, 337 W. 11th St., 317/955-2389. Outstanding salads and desserts. $$-$$$ menu

L.S. Ayres Tea Room

L.S. Ayres Tea Room in the Indiana State Museum, 650 W. Washington St., 317/232-1637, Reservations required. An elegant lunch experience. $$-$$$.


BARcelona Tapas

** BARcelona Tapas, 201 N. Delaware St., 317/638-8272. The finest Spanish food in Indianapolis. A native’s favorite. $-$$ menu

The Best Chocolate in Town

The Best Chocolate in Town, 880 Massachusetts Ave., 317/636-2800. Best truffles in town. $$

Goose the Market

Goose the Market, 2503 N. Delaware St., 317/924-4944. Fabulous sandwiches. $$

** Yat’s, 659 Mass. Ave, 317/686-6380. “Where y’at?” Cajun and Creole. $-$$ menu


Aesop’s Tables

Aesop’s Tables, 600 Massachusetts Ave., 317/631-0055. A Mediterranean café offering a wide variety of vegetarian options. $$-$$$ menu


** Agio... "mettiti a tuo agio", 635 Massachusetts Ave., 317/488-0359. One of the city’s finest in Italian cuisine. Worth the trip and a native’s favorite. $$-$$$ menu

Bazbeaux Pizzas

Bazbeaux Pizzas, 334 Massachusetts Ave. (and other locations), 317/636-7662. The best pizza in Indianapolis. $$-$$$ menu

R Bistro

R Bistro, 888 Massachusetts Ave., 317/423-0312. Fresh, local food - menu changes weekly, sometimes daily. $$$ menu

** The Rathskeller at the Atheneum, 401 E. Michigan St., 317/636-0396. Reminiscent of a quaint inn tucked in the Bavarian hills and a lively beer hall in Munich. Reservations Required. $$-$$$ menu

In Broad Ripple, in the neighborhood of Butler University and not far from the Indianapolis Museum of Art (6 miles)

Taste Recess Restaurant

Taste, 5164 North College Ave., 317/925-2233. $$ menu

Recess Restaurant, 4907 North College Avenue, 317/925-7529. $$ menu

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