Ora Frishberg Saloman Fund Winners

This grant was established to support musicological research. See the award guidelines for full details.


2015 Davide Ceriani (Rowan University)
to conduct research for his article “Toscanini, Mussolini, and the Teatro Reale dell’Opera in Rome During the Fascist Period.”
2014 Molly Barnes (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
to conduct research for her dissertation "The Ideal of Egalitarianism in American Musical Discourse, 1858-61."
2013 Jeremy Zima (University of Wisconsin- Madison)
to conduct research for his dissertation“Aesthetics and Economics of the German Artist-Opera, 1912–34.”
2012 Myron Gray (University of Pennsylvania)
to conduct research for his dissertation "French Music in Federal Philadelphia".
John Wriggle (Los Angeles)
to conduct research on his book project "Chappie Willett and Popular Music Arranging in Swing Era New York".

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