The William Holmes / Frank D’Accone Endowment

The William Holmes / Frank D'Accone Endowment for travel and research in the history of opera was established in 2011 in honor of two music historians of the early modern period with long and distinguished careers at the University of California. See the award guidelines for full details.



John Romey (Case Western Reserve University) for “From the Street to the Stage: Popular Song and the Construction of Parisian Spectacle, 1648-1713.”


Mia Tootill (Cornell University) for "From the Underworld to the Opéra: Representations of the Devil on the Parisian Musical Stage, 1827-69."


Martin Nedbal (University of Arkansas) for "Early Singspiel Adaptations of Mozart’s Da Ponte Operas at the Viennese Court-Theater (1798–1819)."


Thomas Lin (Harvard University) for "Giasone’s Travels: Opera and its Performance in the Second Half of the Seventeenth Century."

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