American Musicological Society
Southeast Chapter

Spring Meeting, February 21, 1998
Davidson College

Saturday, February 21


Registration (Coffee, etc.)

9:00 Session I
  Keith Cochran (The University of North Carolina at Greensboro):  "Spontini's Appointment in 1820 as General Music Director of the Prussian Royal Opera:  New Sources, New Contexts"
  Kathryn Lowerre (Duke University):  "Dramatick Opera and the 1698 Debate over Theatrical Reform"
  Ian D. Pearson (Winthrop University):  "Paisiello's Nel cor pi non mi sento from L'amor Contrastato, or La Molinara, in Theme and Variations, 1790-1865"
10:45 Break
11:00 Special Session
  David Schildkret (Salem College):  "Perspective and Polyphony:  Initial Thoughts on Their Parallel Development"
12:00 Lunch
1:30 Business Meeting
2:00 Session II
  Reeves Ely Shulstad (The Florida State University):  "Dante, Liszt, and Musical Genius"
  Mary Davis (University of South Carolina):  "Joan of Arc at the Conservatory:  Louise Farrenc and the Parisian Musical Establishment"
  Sean Gallagher (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill):  "From Bordeaux to Trent:  Royal Commemoration and Scribal Intervention in a Motet for Charles VII"
3:45 Reception