American Musicological Society
Southeast Chapter

Spring Meeting, February 12, 1994
Duke University

Saturday, February 12

9:00 Coffee
9:30 First morning session
  Stephanie P. Schlagel (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill):  "Beyond Feminist Musicology:  Views of Women in the Music of Josquin des Prez"
  Charles E. Kinzer (Longwood College):  "Lorenzo Tio, Jr., and his Pedagogical Influence on the Development of the Early Jazz Clarinet Style"
  Coffee break
11:00 Second morning session
  H. Wiley Hitchcock (City University of New York):  "Editing Charles Ives's 114 Songs:  Lots of Questions, But Not of Veracity"
1:45 Very brief business meeting
  Afternoon session
  Stephen Shearon (St. Andrews Presbyterian College):  "Nicola Fago and the Scarlattis:  A Case of Mistaken Identity"
  Georgia Cowart (University of South Carolina):  "Women, Sex, Madness:  Metaphors for Opera of the Old Regime"
  Charles Youmans (Duke University):  "Nietzsche, Strauss, and Musical Metaphysics"