American Musicological Society
Southeast and Capital Chapters

Spring Meeting, March 31 and April 1, 1989
Christopher Newport College

Friday, March 31

1:00 Registration
2:00-4:15 Paper Session I
  Robert Shay:  "Willaert, Rore, and Petrarch's Quando fra l'altre donne"
  Jonathan M. Miller:  "Text, Imitation, and Rore's Il mal preme:  A Linear Approach to the Analysis of Early Music"
  David Hildebrand:  "Musical Transmission in Colonial Annapolis, 1696-1776"
  Marjorie Lowens:  "An Outsider's View of the Boston Musical Scene, 1888-1896.
6:30 Dinner and Gemütlichkeit at Das Waldcafe

Saturday, April 1



9:30-11:00 Paper Session II
  Todd Ritter:  "Josephinsim, Haydn, and the Mariazellermesse:  Possible Other Factors in Haydn's Neglect of Sacred Music, 1782-1796"
  Jeanice Brooks:  "Ses amours et les miennes tout ensembles:  The Premier Livre of Antione de Bertrand"
  Robert Young McMahan:  "A History, Partial Reconstruction, and Examination of the Sunken Bell, an Unfinished Opera by Carl Ruggles"
11:15 Business Meetings
11:45 Lunch
1:15 Paper Session III
Frederick Neumann:  "Some Controversial Aspects of the Authenticity Movement"
  Martha Fawbush:  "Of Poets, Composers, the Grande Opéra, and the Conte musical"
  Lauriejean Reinhardt:  "Some Rediscovered Dazzling Diamonds:  Thoughts on Webern's Three Songs, Opus 25"
3:30 Wine and Cheese Reception