American Musicological Society
Southeast Chapter

Fall Meeting, October 1, 1983
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

9:00 Meeting Registration
9:30 James C. Kidd (Hampden-Sydney College):  "Special Features of Musical Syntax in Mozart's 'Dies Bildness ist bezaubernd schoen'"
10:00 Geogia Cowart (University of South Carolina):  "Sense and Sensibility in 18th-Century Musical Thought"
10:30 Intermission
10:45 Lillian Pruett (North Carolina Central University):  "Style, Form, and Performance:  Some Observations on Haydn's Late Piano Trios"
11:15 Raymond Knapp (Duke University):  "The Formal and Stylistic Significance of Haydn's Wit:  Thematic Interplay in Opus 64, No. 3"
12:00 Lunch
1:30 A Concert of Music by Haydn and Mozart
The Audubon Quartet
2:15 William Grim (St. Andrew's Presbyterian College):  "A New Look at the Sturm und Drang:  A Comparative Analysis of Haydn's Symponies Nos. 2, 45 ('Farewell'), and 73 ('La Chasse')
2:45 Ludwig Finscher (University of Heidelberg):  "Thoughts on the Sturm und Drang:  A Reconsideration"