American Musicological Society
Southeast Chapter

Spring Meeting, April 25, 1981
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro



9:30 Presiding:  Dr. Eleanor McCrickard, Chairman, Southeast Chapter
Welcome:  Dr. Lawrence E. Hart, Dean of the School of Music
  John Shannon (Sweetbriar College):  "The First and Second Organ Reform Movements:  A Review of Their Goals"
  David Levy (Wake Forest University):  "Beethoven's Ninth Symphony in Leipzig"
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Edward T. Cone (Princeton University):  "Schubert's Promissory Note:  An Exercise in Musical Hermeneutics"
12:15 Luncheon (Ferguson Room, Elliott Center)
1:45 Concert:  "Music of Elizabethian England for Lute, Voice and Viols"
2:30 Margaret P. Hasselman (Blacksburg, VA):  "Contributions of the Chace to Chanson Techniques:  Imitation in the Mid-Fourteenth Century Chanson"
3:00 Howard Smither (President, American Musicological Society; The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill):  "Messiah and Progress in Victorian England"
3:45 Business Meeting
4:15 Reception (Music Listening Center)