American Musicological Society
Southeast Chapter

Spring Meeting, April 8, 1972
East Carolina University




First Session


Luise Eitel Peake (University of South Carolina):  "'Divergent Feelings in One Place':  The Musical Consequences of a Goethean Mistake"


Harold L. Andrews (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill):  "Tonal Organization in Haydn's Development Sections"



Guest Speaker:  Jens Peter Larsen (Copenhagen; Visiting Professor, University of Wisconsin):  Problems of Authenticity in the Music of Haydn and Mozart"

Luncheon, with Collegium Musicum Concert


Second Session

  Business Meeting


Otto Henry (East Carolina University):  "The Harmonica:  The 'Bad Seed" of European Music"


William S. Newman (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill):  "On the Rhythmic Significance of Beethoven's Annotations in Cramer's Etudes"


Susan Patrick (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill):  "The Wagner-Brahms Controversy:  A Personal View by Hans von Bülow"