American Musicological Society
Southeast Chapter

Fall Meeting, October 9-10, 1970
University of South Carolina

Friday, October 9 (McMaster Hall)

8:00 pm

A concert of Contemporary Music (presented by members of the University of South Carolina Music Department Faculty), followed by a Reception.

Saturday, October 10


Registration and Coffee


First Session (Room 309, McMaster College)


Jerry Curry (University of South Carolina):  "Interval Classification in Ockeghem:  A Computer Analysis"


James Igoe (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill):  "Tenor and Contratenor in the 15th-Century Mass"


Guest Speaker:  Donald J. Grout (Cornell University):  "The Original Version of Scarlatti's Griselda"


Business Meeting


Luncheon (Terrace Room, Town House Motor Inn)


Second Session


D. Antionette Handy (Virginia State College):  "Black Music and Black Musicians:  A Challenge to Contemporary American Musicology"


William Prizer (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill):  "The Trumpet Sonatas of Maurizio Cazzati's Opus 35, Sonate a due, tre, quattro, e cinque, con alcune per tromba"


Chappell White (University of Georgia):  "The Violin Concertos of Giornovichi"


Thomas Warburton (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill):  "Tonal Neutrality in the Earliest Works of Alban Berg"