CFP: Capital Chapter Spring Meeting (Howard Univ., April 14, 2018)

The Capital Chapter of the American Musicological Society is pleased to announce its spring 2018 meeting at Howard University on Saturday, April 14.

We hereby invite submissions for papers to be delivered at the meeting. Presentations will be limited to 20 minutes in length in order to allow 10 minutes for discussion. We also invite proposals for posters and other alternative format presentations. These proposals should follow the same guidelines as those for the individual papers. The Chapter welcomes submissions from all including students, independent scholars, and those working outside of academia.

To be considered, please send an abstract of no more that 250 words by the deadline of March 16, 2018 via email to Jim Doering. In addition to the abstract, please include a list of any equipment needs. Abstracts may be submitted as either Word attachment or PDF. In both cases, send two separate pages:

  • one page with the proposed title, abstract, and equipment needs, and
  • a separate page with the author’s name, contact information, and institutional affiliations or place of residence.

Additionally, we invite submissions from students wishing to compete for the Irving Lowens Award for Student Research. The winner of this competition receives a cash prize of $300.

Applicants for the Lowens Award must be:

  • Students at any college or university within the Capital Chapter region (the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia).
  • Student members of the AMS Capital Chapter. For the membership form see here.
  • Student members of the National AMS. For membership information see here.

Applicants must supply the following documents by the application deadline of March 16, 2018. These materials may be submitted as Word attachments or PDF files.

  • A typed abstract, not exceeding 500 words, that must include the title of the paper and a description of the project, its methods, and its conclusions. At the bottom of the abstract, indicate any audio-visual equipment needs. Please do not include any identifying information other than the project title on the abstract.
  • A second document that includes the project title and the applicant’s name, school, home address, telephone number, and email address.
  • A letter from a faculty member who has read the student’s paper. This is not a recommendation but simply a letter vouching for the existence of the student’s paper and confirming the applicant’s good standing as a student. This may be sent via e-mail.

All of these materials should be sent via email to Bonny Miller, Vice-Chair of the Capital Chapter and Chair of the Lowens Selection Committee by the application deadline of March 16, 2018.

All applicants for the Lowens Award will automatically be considered as regular paper submissions as well. Only three student papers will be selected for the Lowens Award session.