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Author Title Publisher/Journal Nomination
Beder, John Composed (; Sep 2016, 78 mins.) Teaching
Cheng, William Just Vibrations: The Purpose of Sounding Good University of Michigan Press Lockwood MACA Teaching
Clark, Caryl Leslie ; Steven Hicks, with Kyra Asaad, Anna-Julia David, Adam Kaztenny, Patric Seizing the Menotti Moment: Opera meets McLuhan meets Millennials College Music Symposium Teaching
Frankenbach, Chantal Curricular Design and Institutional Support for Undergraduate Research in Music History CUR Quarterly (Council on Undergraduate Research) Teaching
Gorzelany-Mostak, Dana Trax on the Trail: An Interactive Campaign Music Website for Educators, Scholars, and the Public Georgia College Teaching
Knyt, Erinn Teaching Music History Pedagogy to Graduate Students Journal of Music History Pedagogy Teaching
Swayne, Steven Introduction to Italian Opera edX Teaching
Wells, Elizabeth A. Foundation Courses in Music History: A Case Study Journal of Music History Pedagogy Teaching
Woloshyn, Alexa Moving Beyond the Weird, Creepy and Indescribable: Pedagogical Principles and Practices for Listening to Electroacoustic Music in the General Education Classroom eContact! 18.2 Teaching

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