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Author Title Publisher/Journal Nomination
Allen, Aaron S; Kevin Dawe Current Directions in Ecomusicology Routledge Solie
Bashford, Christina; Roberta Montemorra Marvin The Idea of Art Music in a Commercial World, 1800-1930 Boydell Solie
Bohlman, Philip V.; Goffredo Plastino Jazz Worlds/World Jazz University of Chicago Press Solie
Brand, Benjamin; David J. Rothenberg Music and Culture in the Middle Ages and Beyond Cambridge University Press Solie
Byrne Bodley, Lorraine; Julian Horton Schubert's Late Music: History, Theory, Style Cambridge University Press Solie
Davies, James Q.; Ellen Lockhart Sound Knowledge: Music and Science in London, 1789-1851 University of Chicago Press Solie
Dirst, Matthew Bach Perspectives, Volume 10: Bach and the Organ University of Illinois Press Solie
Henson, Karen Technology and the Diva: Sopranos, Opera, and Media from Romanticism to the Digital Age Cambridge University Press Solie
Howe, Blake; Stephanie Jensen-Moulton, Neil Lerner, Joseph Straus The Oxford Handbook of Music and Disability Studies Oxford University Press Solie
Illiano, Roberto Music and Figurative Arts in the Twentieth Century Brepols Solie
Lambert, Philip Good Vibrations: Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys in Critical Perspective University of Michigan Press Solie
León, Javier F.; Helena Simonett A Latin American Music Reader: Views from the South University of Illinois Press Solie
Macarthur, Sally ; Judy Lochhead, Jennifer Shaw Music's Immanent Future:The Deleuzian Turn in Music Studies Ashgate/Routledge Solie
Metzler, Patrizia; Fred Stoltzfus Grasnick 5: Beethoven's Pocket Sketchbook for the Agnus Dei of the Missa solemnis, Opus 123 University of Illinois Press Solie
Owens, Jessie Ann; Katelijne Schiltz, co-editor Cipriano de Rore: New Perspectives on his Life and Music Brepols Solie
Randel, Don M.; Matthew Shaftel and Susan Forscher Weiss A Cole Porter Companion University of Illinois Press Solie
Schwartz, Arman; Emanuele Senici Giacomo Puccini and His World Princeton University Press Solie
Steingo, Gavin; Jairo Moreno Econophonia: Music, Value, and Forms of Life Duke University Press Solie
Torrente, Alvaro La música en el siglo XVII Fondo de Cultura Económica Solie
Williams, Justin Arthur ; Katherine Williams The Cambridge Companion to the Singer-Songwriter Cambridge University Press Solie

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