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Author Title Publisher/Journal Nomination
Bower, Calvin M The Liber Ymnorum of Notker Balbulus Volume I: Text and Music; Volume II: Translation Henry Bradshaw Society (Boydell & Brewer) Palisca
Gaub, Albrecht Mlada (1872): Scenes from a Collaborative Opera-Ballet by César Cui, Modest Musorgskii, Nikolai Rimskii-Korsakov, and Aleksandr Borodin A-R Editions Palisca
Haimo, Ethan; Sabine Feisst Schoenberg's Early Correspondence: 1891-May 1907 Oxford University Press Palisca
Hettrick, Jane Schatkin Antonio Salieri, Plenary Mass in C with Te Deum A-R Editions Palisca
Janke, Andreas; John Nadas The San Lorenzo Palimpsest: Florence, Archivio del Capitolo di San Lorenzo Ms. 2211 LIM Palisca
Jenkins, J. Daniel Schoenberg's Program Notes and Musical Analyses Oxford University Press Palisca
Kelly, Thomas Forrest; Matthew Peattie The Music of the Beneventan RIte Bärenreiter Palisca
Kroll, Mark Francesco Geminiani, 12 Sonatas for Violin and Figured Bass Op. 4 (1739) Ut Orpheus Edizioni Palisca
Kronenberg, Kenneth ; Kenneth Kronenberg is the translator. The Political Orchestra The University of Chicago Press Palisca
Oates, Jennifer Hamish MacCunn: Complete Songs for Solo Voice and Piano A-R Editions Palisca
Sala, Luca Lévi Luigi Boccherini, Opera Omni, VI: Stabat Mater (Due Versioni/Two Versions/Zwei Versionen) G 532 Ut Orpheus Edizioni Palisca
Summers, William J.; Peter M. Lefferts English Thirteenth-Century Polyphony: A Facsimile Edition; Early English Church Music 57 Published for the British Academy by Stainer and B Palisca
Waltz, Sarah Clemmens German Settings of Ossianic Texts 1770-1815 A-R Editions Inc. Palisca
Wolff, Christoph Dieterich Buxtehude: Suites and Variations for Harpsichord or Clavichord Broude Brothers Palisca

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