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Author Title Publisher/Journal Nomination
Braggs, Rashida K. Jazz Diasporas: Race, Music, and Migration in Post-World War II Paris University of California Press Lockwood MACA
Cheng, William Just Vibrations: The Purpose of Sounding Good University of Michigan Press Lockwood MACA Teaching
Cypess, Rebecca Curious and Modern Inventions: Instrumental Music as Discovery in Galileo's Italy University of Chicago Press Lockwood
Klorman, Edward Mozart's Music of Friends: Social Interplay in the Chamber Works Cambridge University Press Lockwood
Loughridge, Deirdre Haydn's Sunrise, Beethoven's Shadow: Audiovisual Culture and the Emergence of Musical Romanticism University of Chicago Press Lockwood
Patteson, Thomas Instruments for New Music: Sound, Technology, and Modernism University of California Press Lockwood
Ramos-Kittrell, Jesús A. Playing in the Cathedral: Music, Race, and Status in New Spain Oxford University Press Lockwood Stevenson
Schwartz, Arman Puccini's Soundscapes: Realism and Modernity in Italian Opera Leo S. Olschki Lockwood
Shadle, Douglas Orchestrating the Nation: The Nineteenth-Century American Symphonic Enterprise Oxford University Press Lockwood MACA
Stefaniak, Alexander Schumann's Virtuosity Indiana University Press Lockwood
Steingo, Gavin Kwaito's Promise: Music and the Aesthetics of Freedom in South Africa Lockwood
Taylor, Benedict The Melody of Time: Music and Temporality in the Romantic Era Oxford University Press Lockwood
Titus, Joan The Early Film Music of Dmitry Shostakovich Oxford University Press Lockwood
Wilbourne, Emily Seventeenth-Century Opera and the Sound of the Commedia dell'Arte University of Chicago Press Lockwood

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