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Author Title Publisher/Journal Nomination
Altstatt, Alison N Re-membering the Wilton Processional Notes: the Quarterly Journal of the Music Library Association Einstein
Apolloni, Alexandra Marie The Lollipop Girl's Voice: Respectability, Migration, and Millie Small's My Boy Lollipop Journal of Popular Music Studies Einstein
Balmer, Yves ; Thomas Lacôte, Christopher Brent Murray Messiaen the Borrower: Recomposing Debussy through the Deforming Prism Journal of the American Musicological Society Einstein Jackson
Bohlman, Andrea F. Solidarity, Song, and the Sound Document Journal of Musicology Einstein
Chowrimootoo, Christopher "'Britten Minor': Constructing the Modernist Canon" Twentieth-Century Music Einstein
Ferraguto, Mark Representing Russia: Luxury and Diplomacy at the Razumovsky Palace in Vienna, 1803-1815 Music & Letters Einstein
Gerk, Sarah "Common Joys, Adventures, and Struggles": Transnational Encounters in Amy Beach's "Gaelic" Symphony Journal of the Society for American Music Einstein
Howe, Blake "Bounded Finitude and Boundless Infinitude: Schubert's Contradictions at the 'Final Barrier'" Schubert's Late Music: History, Theory, Style, ed. Lorraine Byrne Bodley an Einstein
Johnson, Jake "That's Where They Knew Me When": Oklahoma Senior Follies and the Narrative of Decline American Music Einstein
Knyt, Erinn Approaching the Essence of Music: Stylistic Heterogeneity in Ferruccio Busoni’s Doktor Faust Journal of Musicological Research Einstein
Levaux, Christophe Henri Loop Rock Music Studies Einstein
Lindau, Elizabeth Ann "Mother Superior": Maternity and Creativity in the Work of Yoko Ono Women & Music Einstein
Loughridge, Deirdre Making, Collecting and Reading Music Facsimiles Before Photography Journal of the Royal Musical Association Einstein
Mondelli, Peter The Phonocentric Politics of the French Revolution Acta Musicologica Einstein
Salinas, Edgardo Raul “The Form of Paradox as the Paradox of Form: Beethoven’s ‘Tempest,’ Schlegel’s Critique, and the Production of Absence" The Journal of Musicology Einstein Jackson
Searcy, Anne The Recomposition of Aram Khachaturian’s Spartacus at the Bolshoi Theater, 1958–1968 Journal of Musicology Einstein
Sholes, Jacquelyn Joseph Joachim’s Overture to "Hamlet" in Relation to Liszt and Shakespeare Ad Parnassum: A Journal of Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Instrumental Einstein
Taylor, Benedict Seascape in the Mist: Lost in Mendelssohn’s Hebrides 19th-Century Music Einstein Jackson
Thurman, Kira Singing the Civilizing Mission in the Land of Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms: The Fisk Jubilee Singers in Nineteenth-Century Germany Journal of World History Einstein
Walden, Joshua S "He will knock four times": fate and the timey-wimey echoes of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony in Doctor Who Science Fiction Film and Television Einstein
Walden, Joshua S "Novelty, Wit and an Abundance of Ideas": The Mid-Eighteenth-Century German Instrumental Cadenza as Interpretation Ad Parnassum Einstein
Wilbourne, Emily Breastmilk, Exposed Bodies, & the Politics of the Indecent Echo: A Music Centered Journal Einstein

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